Don’t Sweat It | Summer Event Planning

May 17, 2019
Summer Beach Party

The heat of summer is upon us (isn’t it always?)! Here are 3 tips for summer event planning so that you won’t have to sweat it – figuratively of course, because we’ll all be sweating!

  1. Send Invites Early. The conventional wisdom around sending out invites for an event says anywhere between 3-6 weeks, depending on what type of event you’re planning. For summer events, though, it may be best to err on the side of caution since folks tend to travel and plan their vacations in advance. If you want the majority of your guest list to attend, make sure to give plenty of advance notice.
  2. Consider the Weather. In Florida, we’re constantly thinking about the weather, which is helpful when we’re considering our event planning timeline and logistics. Something to think about is the time needed for setup and breakdown of an event — are these scheduled times right in the middle of a daily afternoon shower? It’s likely going to be very hot for most, if not all, of your event. Have you planned for fans, shade for guests, plenty of water, and an indoor rain contingency plan if you’re hosting guests outside?
  3. Think Through Theme. I know that summer screams “beach bash” and “tropical luau”, but not every summer shindig needs to revolve around palm trees and water. Not that those things aren’t great! They certainly are. But, think outside of the box with me for just a minute. What about a carnival, a cruise-inspired celebration, an under the sea party, or a Midsummer Nights Dream fairytale event? The options are endless!

Certainly, there are more than just 3 tips to any successful event (starting with hiring a trusted event planner!), but this is a start! Let us know what your best summer event planning tips and tricks are, too!