10 Minutes is All We Need | An #overeasydatenight

April 9, 2019
Cute couple on date night

When was the last time you went out for a date night? A real dress-up-signature-cocktail-photo-op date night. We’re talking anything from a good ol’ fashioned ladies night to a romantic date with your bae (do people still use that term?!). If your answer was any date that you could remember (Valentine’s Day doesn’t count!), you’re winning at life! Congratulations. If, like most of us, your answer was something like, “when was the last time I went out for anything remotely like a ‘date night’?” then read on!

We had a unique opportunity to create our Overeasy Date Night concept when East End Market, our beloved home, announced that they were going to be hosting an event called Evening Exchange (#EvEx). This (genius) concept brought locals together to experience the magic of East End’s vendors – crafts, cuisine, cocktails, and more! Since we’re proud to call East End home, we decided that we wanted to offer guests a special opportunity to learn more about our event planning services as well. How could we help guests to see what event planning is all about in just a few minutes? Light bulb moment – the #OvereasyDateNight was born.

A lovely photo from guest, @accrux

It’s really pretty simple, actually. We were determined to help guests unplug and unwind in a beautiful, elegant environment to mirror that one-of-a-kind date night feeling: no stress, delicious food, a flirty cocktail, and a picture to prove that you got dressed up and left the house! All of that, for free, in 10 minutes. And guess what?! We loved it. You loved it. Everyone loved it! We had young married couples, best friends, and everyone in between sign up to participate in our first Overeasy Date Night. Thanks to our incredible vendor partners (listed below), we were able to provide guests with a few luxurious moments to forget about work, anxiety, school, and anything else that might have been on their minds when they arrived. All they had to worry about was the decision between a glass of bubbly or the signature cocktail of the evening, something tasty and mysterious called Pretty in Pink.

The Overeasy Events Team
The Overeasy Events team
Overeasy’s fearless leader, Lora, and the creative genius behind Little Wild Bloom, Stephanie

The best part? There was no catch. Sure, guests heard a little bit more about Overeasy Events – who we are, what we can offer – but they were under no obligation to sign on any dotted line! Instead, we were able to show them, firsthand, what’s most important to us as doers, dreamers, and designers: a celebration that left guests leaving with a smile.

Photo courtesy of @the_goodness_goddess
Photo courtesy of @aileensantos818
Photo courtesy of @carissadventurer

To our dear friendors (friend + vendors, obviously): THANK YOU! You all made this night incredibly beautiful, delicious, and fun. You added the pops of color, the personalized details, and some laughs along the way. Event planning would be lackluster without the partners whose details come together to build the party of peoples’ dreams!

Decor + Tablescape Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Florals: Little Wild Bloom

Light Bite + Cocktails: Cuisiniers Catering

Hand Lettering Name Cards: Lettering by Lee Ann

Wishing you’d taken part in the fun in March? No need to fret – we’re going to do it again! In fact, East End Market is going to be hosting an Evening Exchange on the third Friday of each month so hopefully we’ll get to see you all on April 19 at our second #OvereasyDateNight. This month, we’re trying something else – a scavenger hunt! No reservation necessary, just come to our studio on the second floor when you arrive to participate! We look forward to meeting you!

For folks who choose to come and participate in this #OvereasyDateNight Scavenger Hunt and share the fun on social media, we’ll be selecting a winner at random to receive a giveaway basket filled with goodies!

Last month’s giveaway basket!