The Dreamer Behind Overeasy Events | Lora DeLorenzo

January 17, 2019
Lora Delorenzo

Compassionate. Innovative. Attentive. These are all words used to describe Overeasy Events’ Owner and Founder, Lora DeLorenzo. Lora prefers titles like Designer, Dreamer, and Doer to her more formal roles, though, which is easy to understand when you sit down to get to know her. Lora’s love for hospitality stems from her childhood, spent cooking with her great grandmother in their Italian kitchen. She went on to study at Johnson and Wales University and even completed the second level Wine Certificate Program through the International Sommelier Guild. These culinary experiences led Lora to operate a 100-seat, full-service restaurant and bar on Lake Eola before launching Overeasy Events.

Lora DeLorenzo at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, one of her favorite venues for planning events!

Lora has also dedicated a great deal of her time and energy to local philanthropy and volunteer work. She is passionate about assisting children and families in need and in 2004, Lora co-founded the Bridges of Light Foundation, an organization focused on education, nurturing and mentoring at risk youth in the Central Florida community. She has volunteered for over 15 years and serves as an advisory board member for Rock and Wrap it Up!, and anti-poverty think tank that has recognition from the White House with a Point of Light Award and a recipient of numerous EPA distinctions.  After attending the first Evening of Hope Gala in 2010, Lora connected as a committee member with The Faine House (in partnership with Children’s Home Society) promoting positive cultural, cognitive, emotional and social support necessary for empowering teens to become confident, productive adults.

Overeasy Events was born in August 2013 as a full service event planning and design company. This is not your mother’s wedding planner! Lora’s long history of strong customer service, an eye for beauty and elegance, and strong leadership have led to countless productive partnerships with other local vendors and a small, dynamic team that creates nothing short of magic in Central Florida and beyond. Lora says that the freedom to be creative by growing skills she’s learned in the hospitality industry combined with a lifetime of passion for events with her large, Italian family have truly inspired her to do this work.

The Italian Incorvia clan from Sicily, Italy

Not surprisingly, one of Lora’s team members says that she “always keeps the client’s best interest in mind – doing her best to bring their vision to life while keeping them grounded.” Her daughter, Nicolette, says that she is best known for her personalization and attention to detail when working with a client and adds, “There is something to be said for creative, intelligent women who will make you feel unique and excited about your event planning process”.

Lora says that her favorite parts of creating events are those that have a positive impact on her clients’ happiness – she loves seeing the joy in each guest attending the celebrations. She thrives under the pressure to exceed every client expectation and make those who didn’t attend wish they had!

Nobody will work harder than Lora and her team to create an incredible event; no detail will be overlooked the client will be able to actually enjoy the event that they’ve spent so much time dreaming up. –Kailey Sexton, Overeasy Events Lead Event Coordinator

The DeLorenzo Family

Outside of work at Overeasy Events, some of Lora’s favorite things are her children, her sweet English Bulldogs, entertaining friends, and traveling. We were excited to learn a little bit more about these things:

  • What are some things that most folks don’t know about Lora? She is extremely proud of her kids’ accomplishments: Jordan was drafted out of college in the 12th round to pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals and won two championships and Nicolette was named Valedictorian in high school and is now preparing to graduate from Wake Forest in May!
  • If Lora could have lunch with one person, living or dead, who would that be? Prince! She’s seen one live concert and says it was absolutely amazing! His musical talents and the way he brought the crowd into the show was incredible. She’d love to ask questions about the 80s and 90s and hopes he’d throw an impromptu concert at the end of lunch!
  • If Lora could travel anywhere, where would she go? She loves the islands. She says that the beauty and serenity of the ocean, saltwater, and sunshine are calming to her and dreams of visiting the Maldives because it looks so peaceful. She travels to the Caribbean each year and tries to visit a new location!
  • What are some of Lora’s sources of inspiration? Lora says that networking and connecting with fellow women in the event industry community are her favorite places to share and receive inspiration for up-to-the minute event ideas! She loves browsing BizBash (top 3 event planning blogs you should follow) for dramatic visions and memorable moments. She considers that publication an ‘event planner’s bible’. Social media is the perfect outlet to stay up to date on what designers around the world are creating – check out the Overeasy Events Instagram at @overeasy_events.
  • What is one of the best events Lora has ever attended? She admits that that’s a tough question! She loves themed events like a friend’s wedding in New Orleans, an annual tailgate party to support their Buffalo Bills, and the MTV awards when they were hosted in Miami!

We so enjoyed getting to know more about Overeasy Events creative powerhouse, Lora. It is evident that she and her team will work tirelessly to ensure that your wedding day, milestone, or corporate event are as easy and seamless for you as possible. A great planner like Lora and Overeasy Events will make all the difference!

Charlie and Flash DeLorenzo