Love is Not Canceled | The Small Wedding and Minimony

October 8, 2020
Love Is Not Cancelled

Life has thrown us a few curve balls recently, right? This year has especially taken a toll on those who intend to celebrate their union in marriage. It is a couple’s dream to wed the person that they love, surrounded by those that they love. We know full well that weddings come along with big dreams.

Enter 2020 and for many, those dreams came to a crashing halt. Weddings put on hold for an undetermined amount of time. Dreams put on hold. 

We have spent the last few months working with our clients on this emotional journey. Finding solutions for couples who needed to cancel or postpone their celebrations. We have become adaptable and creative in this time. 

We are here to tell you that love does not need to be put on hold! Like everything in life these days, it may not look the same, but it is still possible to move forward with your vows today!

Let us run through a couple of options with you and if you are unfamiliar, we would like to introduce you to the Small Wedding and Minimony:

Small Wedding

Small, intimate weddings have stood the test of time. It is now a thing of the future too. A Small Wedding typically includes a guest list of 50 or less. Intimate receptions that can be both beautiful and functional.

Take all of those big dreams to a new level by redistributing your budget towards decor, entertainment, and venue. From a new viewpoint, all of your dreams can come true with a smaller guest list. 

While design is such an important part of every event experience, we are now looking at ways to incorporate safety into each piece as well. We can make this part fun by providing uniform branded masks or masks that match your color theme, and even bamboo straws for pre-made cocktails that can be with the swag bag. 

Outdoor courtyards and backyard soirees are favorable to help keep social distancing in place. Most of the outside venues such as the East End Market, even allow for your favorite pet to be a part of the celebration. All the options at this venue are very conducive to the challenges we are facing now.

Lots of creativity can be had to have the wedding of your dreams and continue with the celebration while keeping people safe.

Love is not canceled – The Small Wedding + Minimony


A minimony is a mini ceremony and typically includes a guest list of up to 10 people including the officiant (term coined by The Knot). It is a very small gathering with your nearest and dearest to watch you take your vows while you save the big celebration for a future date. 

A recent bride described her decision for a minimony to Fox 35 Orlando by saying; “The important thing is the journey of marriage.”

It’s a wonderful solution for couples to move forward with their commitment together and save the big celebration for a future date. With a minimony you are able to keep your vendors for the bouquet and the cake, just on a smaller scale. While there are many choices on location for your minimony, the East End Market conveniently has minimony packages designed to simplify your day. 

Start planning the big celebration for when it’s safe to have a large gathering. Your sequel wedding will be a dream celebration for the future to share with those you love in person.

Small in Scale. Big on Love.

The future of weddings has been changed and there’s no better time than now to designyour own rules. This is the time to get creative. You can move forward with the assurance of each other, even in this time. Keep the celebrations going! 

While these weddings may be small in scale, they are big on love.  Love is not canceled.