Planning a Party During a Pandemic in Orlando

March 5, 2021

With Spring holidays and graduations around the corner, we are approaching another season for parties and celebrations. Even in the world of a pandemic, your party or event can still come to life. Yes, the celebrations can continue here in Orlando and frankly, a bit of cheer may just be what we all need. We are here to give you all you need for planning a party during a pandemic.

Social distancing friendly events are all the rage and all the necessity right now. We have been diligently partnering with our clients and vendors to offer innovative suggestions and creative ideas to keep the celebrations going.

Weddings have been adapted in the way of the minimony and small wedding. We feel strongly that a pandemic cannot cancel love, but it also cannot cancel your milestones, celebrations and holiday parties. We can just adapt them to fit the new norm.

You may ask: “What are some of the adaptations we can make to allow the party to continue?”:

Overeasy Events Orlando Florida event planning during COVID

Consider an Outdoor Event

Here in Florida, we are lucky to have year-round beautiful weather, making for an opportunity to take your party outside. Add a covering, vintage-style string lights, and temperature control (through fans or heaters) and you have the basics for a safe and beautiful event.

There are many charming venues in and around Orlando that can accommodate outdoor parties. We can guide you towards just the right spot for your event.

Space to Spread Out

Indoors or outdoors, finding a venue that has space for your group to spread out and socially distance will be important. We suggest teaming up with your venue to create a well thought out seating arrangement that will reduce risks. There are many creative ways to space people out without taking away from the intimate feel of a party. 

Event Spaces in Orlando. FL perfect during the pandemic
East End Market venue in Orlando FL  for outdoor party planning

Food and Beverage

We suggest partnering with your catering manager and being thoughtful about the menu. Instead of buffets, offer individual plates. With a smaller guest list, there can be options to be very creative with the menu and customize the dishes. Consider extra room in the budget for additional staff to serve your guests drinks, food, and self-service beverages.

COVID era food service for events

Offer a Virtual Option

While many people are ready to get out and socialize, some are not. Offering a virtual option will allow all of your guests to be included and take part in the festivities. They will not need to miss the ceremony or keynote speaker. Ensuring that you have the correct audio-visual equipment and platform for this will help to provide a seamless virtual event for your guests.

Communicate your COVID Strategy

Staying up to date on ever-changing local guidelines will be vital in planning your event. Work closely with your venue management team to ensure the most current rules and regulations will be followed. 

Create a plan for impeccable hygiene standards and take precautionary measures from all parties. Ahead of your event, communicate your safety precautions to your guests so that they are able to arrive confidently.

Make Planning Easy

As humans we are made to be social beings. We are craving socialization more than ever before. While the strategy for events may have a need to be modified, it is still possible to celebrate. Overeasy Events will help source the perfect venue and vendor recommendations while planning your perfect party to comply with all the COVID regulations

Here at Overeasy Events, we are committed to helping you continue the celebrations while ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests. We can make event planning feel easy!

Contact us today for help planning your party during the pandemic!