Why hire an event planner?

So, we totally get it. Event planners are an added cost to your wedding or celebration. That’s true! But why is it so important to enlist professional help for your big milestones? Here are some of the top reasons to justify the expense of hiring someone like us!

Day-Of Support

On your big day, no matter what you’re celebrating, the last thing you (the host/ess) should be worried about is whether or not the vendors are on time, who still needs to be paid, and if the linens were delivered in the correct shade of purple. It’s okay if you want to be intimately involved with those details during the planning stages of an event, but when it comes time to celebrate we want you to do just that! Get out there and greet your guests (they’ll be expecting your attention), enjoy your long-awaited catering, and have a blast – you deserve that!

Let us handle the less-than-glamorous day-of details. We’ll be almost invisible, so you shouldn’t know that we’re running around keeping everything running smoothly, but that’s just where we’ll be! Plus, we can anticipate those things that just might pop up and go awry at the last minute – we’ve seen it all before…

Carl and Stephanie | Wedding
Dani Nichol Photography, Porch Therapy Florals, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals Farm Tables, Venue – East End Market, Cuisiniers Catering, P is for Pie dessert

Years of Experience

It can be tempting to ask Cousin Sarah to take over in the event planning department because she’s been a bridesmaid three times! She must know all about wedding at this point, right?! Trust us when we say that you’re paying for all of our years of professional event planning experience. We’ve planned, designed, and coordinated hundreds of different events so we have experience working with diverse vendors, you-name-it hurdles, and everything in between. We stay abreast of industry trends and current planning best practices just so that we can ensure your event will be a magical experience for you and your guests!

In the case of Overeasy Events, when you select our team to assist with your event, you’re getting the knowledge of a sommelier, a restaurant owner, a wedding planner, a community builder, and a nonprofit leader when you choose to work with Lora (owner and lead planner).

Budget Management & Contract Negotiation

Yikes. Money and contracts — two things that not many people enjoy talking about! Something that many people don’t realize, though, is that hiring a professional to help you manage your vendors, budgets, and event contracts could actually save you money. Yes, you read that correctly! We know what “good” prices are and we’ll advocate on your behalf so that you can secure them. We’ve worked with all different types of vendors and we will apply our relationship management expertise to your big day so that you don’t have to worry about the stress of negotiation! When we begin our planning meetings, we’ll make sure that you have a budget in mind and then we’ll partner strategically to make sure that you stick to your goals without giving up your event dreams.

General Stress Relief

From the first day of planning to the last, we will listen to your ideas and dreams and then come up with innovative ways to make those things a reality within your budget. Whether you want full planning and design support, or just someone to help look over things near the big day, we offer solutions to meet your needs and timeline. Planning a celebratory event is typically associated with a great deal of stress, but it shouldn’t have to be that way! Let us take on the burden of difficult conversations, unexpected changes, and stress so that you can enjoy the process and the event to the fullest.

Carl and Stephanie | Wedding
Dani Nichol Photography, Porch Therapy Florals, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals Farm Tables, Venue – East End Market, Cuisiniers Catering, P is for Pie dessert

Client Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Logsdon-Pina

Elizabeth Logsdon-Pina

We adore building lasting relationships with our Overeasy Events clients. Some of our clients have even become close friends — that’s how seriously we take our work with each and every one of you! We’re excited to introduce a repeat-client, Elizabeth Logsdon-Pina, to you all today; she graciously took some time to share details of not one, not two, but THREE of her precious life events — all planned by Overeasy Events! 

We began working with Elizabeth on her wedding rehearsal dinner, followed by her wedding (including a day-after brunch!) and then a baby shower! We’re honored to have worked with Elizabeth through such meaningful (and potentially stressful) times. She remarked that “each event was done with such professionalism and creativity”.


When asked about the rehearsal dinner, specifically, Elizabeth told us that she was feeling relatively overwhelmed and stressed out. This makes perfect sense, because the evening before one of the biggest days of your life can leave you feeling pulled in a thousand different directions! Are all of the vendors set? Will everything happen the way I imagine it? I haven’t seen some of these people in ages – how should I act?! Elizabeth felt comforted and reassured by Lora, though, who “just took over and said ‘I’ll handle it’ when anything got stressful”. We pride ourselves on the ability to put you in the best position possible to sit back and enjoy your event just like the rest of your guests. 

When we got to talking about the wedding, Elizabeth had nothing but positive things to say about Lora and the Overeasy Events team. She mentioned that it was very important and meaningful to her that many of her vendors were close personal friends, like her florist. She was so excited to observe that Lora got along so well with that team of folks and said that it made a big difference during the planning process. She also described the way that Lora listened so attentively to everyone involved in the planning. She never talked over others, despite her expertise, but wanted everyone to feel heard and valued. Elizabeth’s mother, also involved in the planning, remarked that Lora was “very on top of it, but you didn’t even realize she was there, she’s so discrete”.

Elizabeth shared two favorite memories from her wedding day with us:

  • When she was getting ready to walk down the aisle during the ceremony, she said that Lora asked the bridal party and others to leave the room so that Elizabeth was able to enjoy a moment alone to breathe. She described this moment as “flawless”.
  • Elizabeth told us that when her guests walked into the ballroom at the reception, they were absolutely blown away by how gorgeous the space looked thanks to the Overeasy Events team. She says that, although she was married in 2016, friends are still talking about how amazing her wedding was.

Lora’s favorite memory of their wedding was the Father/Daughter Dance. She remembers fondly, “Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle and the ceremony vows – luckily we had prepared emergency bridal kits because the tissues were being passed around not a dry eye…”


Most recently, Overeasy Events planned Elizabeth’s Baby Shower! Elizabeth laughed, saying that really her mom worked with Lora on this special day and that it was perfect! When we asked Elizabeth’s mom about planning the shower, she laughed too and commented that it really was all Lora. Both credit Lora’s organization and professionalism with making this, and her other events, simply wonderful.

The best part is that we love working with the Logsdons, too! Lora remarks that “Vicki, Liz and the entire Logsdon family bring so much joy and energy to every party.   Overeasy Events cannot wait to plan another milestone event with them soon!”

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve amazing clients like the Logsdons! 


Event Vendors:

Rehearsal Dinner
East End Market

Noah’s Event Venue
Officiant: Loni Tosi with Sensational Ceremonies
Leonard Brothers Band
Harpist: Christine MacPhail
Crickets Photography
4Seasons Fireworks
Linens By The Sea
Nadine Conover & Hummingbird Florals

Baby Shower – Cinco De Mayo Fiesta
Robyn Loves Cake
Luis Alfredo Guitarist
Connie Duglin Linens
Nico & Lala Invitations
Nadine Conover – Hummingbird Florals

Tidy & Timeless | KonMari-ing Your Next Event

You’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo, or KonMari, at this point since she’s become a Netflix sensation with her latest series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo“. Before that, though, she wrote an inspiring book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which led the Japanese author and professional organizer to have her bestseller published in more than 30 countries!

The KonMari method can be simplified to this: You gather all of your belongings, separating them by category, and then decide what “sparks joy” for you personally in each category. If it sparks joy, it stays and needs a home, and if it doesn’t, you thank it and get rid of it!

Now, this method is traditionally applied to the home — your clothes, your books and papers, and miscellaneous other items that are cluttering your closets, shelves, and drawers. But why not a wedding? Why not a birthday party? At Overeasy Events, we believe that it’s our job to help you focus on those aspects of your celebration that “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say. What are the components of your unique event that are most important to you? 

Here are a few ways Overeasy Events can help you KonMari your next event!

Give us a call to learn more.

  • Let’s break down your celebration into manageable categories. Sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start when you’re planning an event, especially a large one! There are vendors to be contracted and communicated with, space to rent and stage, and the list of details to take care of seems like it multiplies every time you look at it! Our team at Overeasy Events will help you to think of your event planning in terms of categories like Vendors, Event Decor/Design, and Day-Of Logistics. We can even create an “a la carte” proposal for you based on your specific needs and desires throughout the process.
  • Have you created a budget? We can help you decide what the most important aspects of your event are so that it’s easier to decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars! If florals are the most important thing to you, you may want to allocate more of your budget there or maybe gourmet catering is what you’ve been dreaming of for years…either way, we’re here to help navigate that process.
  • When you think about your big event, which aspect brings you the most joy? We want to make sure that you’re involved in tasks and decisions that are meaningful and inspiring to you, but that we can take some of the stress out of the planning process by tackling tasks that certainly don’t spark joy.